11:11 WoodWorx

11:11 WoodWorx

My name is Beau Bell and I like to make things with wood.

I have been asked many times why is your company named 11:11 woodworx?

For as long as I can remember 11:11  is my daily time to stop what I am doing and say a prayer, not a prayer to ask the Lord for something but one to thank him for all he has done for myself and my little family . He continues to bless.

When we were buying the home we live in now,  we were trying to sell our previous home at the same time.  We were having small struggles and the builder on the new home didn’t want us to sign a contract  till ours sold. With fear of losing this house we prayed and prayed. Everyday at 11:11.

All in his timing it happened! Our house sold and the new one was now ours! Everything we had prayed for. While signing contracts on the new house  we realized.... this new home was on county road 1111! Crazy , but God is so good!

Woodworking is so much more than a side hustle to me.

It’s a passion to learn and study the craft. I learn everyday that I’m in the shop. Sometimes good sometimes bad but I stay thankful to have the opportunity to be able to learn and do what I love!

So keeping in that 11:11 thankful attitude when I decided to start building for an extra income I naturally named it 11:11 woodworx!!